America’s Leading Pastoral Magazine in This Year of Faith

Honor the Pope’s request in renewing our devotion to our Catholic faith, and assisting Homiletic & Pastoral Review in being that voice of the Gospel around the world.

On January 1, 2013, Homiletic & Pastoral Review will have been online for one year. Our outreach is expanding both in the U.S. and around the world. For this, we thank God, as well as all of you, who have helped us through this transition.

As difficult as it was to go from being a print magazine to being completely online, it has also proven to be a positive direction in opening up our ability to spread the Gospel message to a wider, global, Catholic audience. During this Year of Faith, our Holy Father Pope Benedict has asked each of us to revisit and renew the gift we have received in the Catholic faith and traditions. For the past 111 years, Homiletic and Pastoral Review has been doing precisely that, handing on to others what each of us has received in Christ.  We teach and preach the one true Faith to our readers, inviting people to deepen their relationship with Christ and his Church. That missionary effort can now be expanded even further, assisting all those in ministry in their efforts to spread the Good News.

HPR is uniquely suited to this task. The magazine is one of the most respected pastoral magazines in the world. Priests, religious, and lay men and women alike have relied on HPR for decades because of its consistent faithfulness to the teachings and traditions of the Church.

In fact, Homiletic & Pastoral Review is unusual among religious journals in the United States in that it was the very first magazine for clergy to appear in this country, and has been the leading journal of its kind for over a century. Our writers are experts in their fields of study, devoting their lives to the Gospel as priests, deacons, religious, laity, with many teaching in our colleges and seminaries. Our readers know that they can rely on the content in each issue.

In order to keep bringing you this amazing selection of authors and subject matter—the insights, the homilies, the help in understanding our faith in all its many aspects—we need your help in two areas: in telling your friends and associates about HPRWEB.COM and asking them to sign up for our E-newsletters; and, if you are able, support HPR through a financial gift.

Running an online publication has expenses, as we are realizing a year into this endeavor. There are editors, technical support, and the costs of keeping any website current. So, please, tell your circle of friends, family, and associates about Homiletic & Pastoral Review. Then, please consider giving generously to HPR this Christmas, in this Year of Faith.

In so doing, we shall honor the Pope’s request in renewing our devotion to our Catholic faith, and assisting Homiletic & Pastoral Review in being that voice of the Gospel around the world. Be our advocates in keeping the momentum going and growing!

Thank you, and may the Birth of the Newborn King bring you joy and peace and security in the New Year and forever.

Blessings, Fr. Meconi, S.J.
Editor, Homiletic and Pastoral Review

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Fr. David Vincent Meconi, SJ About Fr. David Vincent Meconi, SJ

Fr. David Meconi, SJ is professor of patristic theology at St. Louis University and editor of the Homiletic and Pastoral Review (HPR). Fr. Meconi would like you to know that he offers Mass each month for readers of HPR; please be assured of his prayers for you.


  1. I made a donation per paypal bc the HPR editor is so cute :-)