About James Likoudis

James Likoudis is the author of three books dealing with Catholic-Eastern Orthodox relations, including his "The Divine Primacy of the Bishop of Rome" and "Modern Eastern Orthodoxy: Letters to a Greek Orthodox on the Unity of the Church." He can be reached at jlikoudis@cuf.org

Where is Prayer for Christian Unity in Our Parishes?

Christian Unity Collage

Every post-conciliar Pope has emphasized, with Vatican II, that ecumenism is a necessary aspect of the Church's mission, and one involving the effort of all the faithful, clergy, and laity alike.    It was once quite common for many … [Read more...]

Confronting the Claim of Eastern Orthodoxy to be the True Church

Understanding the conflicting claims of Catholicism versus Eastern Orthodoxy Among the lapsed from the Catholic Church in the turbulent post-conciliar period are those Catholics who became so disenchanted with the liturgical disarray and … [Read more...]

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