Heaven is not an abstraction

The realism or concreteness of Catholicism is startling to minds conditioned only by abstractions or by materialism alone.

“Today’s feast (Assumption) impels us to lift our gaze to Heaven; not the heaven consisting of abstract ideas or even an imaginary heaven created by art, but the Heaven of true reality which is God himself.” —Benedict XVI, Homily, Feast of … [Read more...]

A Question of Fairness

A review of Cardinal Ratzinger: The Vatican's Enforcer of the Faith, by John Allen

Cardinal Ratzinger is perhaps the most controversial figure in the Church today, a subject awaiting an author. Various articles about him have appeared, but no book, until the recent appearance of that by John L. Allen, Jr., Vatican … [Read more...]

Evangelization and Truth

The Christian spirit has always been animated by a passion to lead all humanity to Christ in the Church.

“Today, however, with ever-increasing frequency, questions are being raised about the legitimacy of presenting to others—so that they might in turn accept it—that which is held to be true for oneself. Often this is seen as an infringement on … [Read more...]