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Our Passover Eucharist

On Good Friday Jesus offered on the Cross the one sacrifice which is the root of every ritual and of all Christian religion.

Our Lord did not give his Eucharist to the disciples in a lonely place one day during their Galilean wanderings, as he delivered many of his other teachings. He did not speak about it in the Temple court, or in his sermon on the mount. He … [Read more...]

The Danger of Criticizing Bishops and Priests

Alas, how sad it is that some are far more ready to judge (and criticize) priests than they are to pray for them.

In the thirteenth century many priests were involved in seeking wealth and having a pleasant life. They hardly preached at all, virtually never studied, and paid for important positions so that they could get even more money. A number of … [Read more...]

Why Do Catholics Become Evangelicals?

Anytime a Catholic converts to a fundamentalist Evangelical denomination, “Even the altar cries,” and so should we.

In an article entitled, The Glory and Power of the Gospel, Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa—Preacher to the papal household—in a retreat for 1,500 priests and seventy bishops has shockingly described the state of the Catholic Church in Latin Ame … [Read more...]