Veronica A. Arntz

About Veronica A. Arntz

Veronica Arntz graduated (’16) from Wyoming Catholic College (Lander, WY) with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts, which included courses in humanities, philosophy, theology, and Latin, among others, using the Great Books of Western thought. She is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Theology from the Augustine Institute (Denver, CO). She has published articles with Homiletic & Pastoral Review, Truth and Charity Forum, Catholic Exchange, and St. Austin Review, among others.

Liturgy as an Act of Leisure

Perspectives from Guardini, Pieper, and Ratzinger

We frequently hear that the liturgy is the “source and summit” of the Christian life, a quote from the Vatican II document, Lumen gentium. We often do not get the whole context for this small part of the quote. In a slightly different tran … [Read more...]

And the Two Become One Flesh

A Model for Marriage and the Universal Church

The world is facing a crisis: the family, seen as the fundamental unit of society since the days of Cicero and Aristotle, is now crumbling at its very foundations. But this is not only a crisis for the world, as the secularization of the … [Read more...]