About Patrick F. Cioni

Patrick F. Cioni is a licensed professional counselor and approved clinical supervisor in private practice located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. His work includes individual, marital, and family counseling. His previous publications have focused on forgiveness in the treatment of difficult emotions, including chronic anger. The author wishes to thank Dr. John J. and Helene O'Malley, Lisa Fromert, an anonymous client, and the Jesuits at the University of Scranton. The author can be reached at: pfcioni@verizon.net.

Object-Images, Ego Formation, and Personal Identity: A Christ-Centered Approach

Object images, ego formation, christ centered collage

(This article is) an attempt to provide an understanding of object-images and ego formation, as essential elements of personal identity, laying the foundation for understanding of identity formation in Christ Jesus.   An answer to the … [Read more...]

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