About Dr. Peter Kahn

Dr. Peter Kahn writes regularly for the Catholic Truth Society, London. His booklets for CTS include "Passing on Faith to Your Children" (which is available from Ignatius Press) and "Work and the Christian Family." He earlier edited the Catholic Student Guide (Family Publications, 2006), and acts as chair of the Academic Council at the School of the Annunciation, the center for the new evangelization at Buckfast Abbey, United Kingdom. He is director of Studies for the Doctor of Education (EdD) program (EdD) in Higher Education at the University of Liverpool, UK. Peter lives in Warrington, UK, with his wife Alison, and their seven sons.

“Go and Call Your Husband”: What Enables a Marriage to Endure?

Kahn photos 8-18-14

The unity of will between a husband and wife that God establishes is realized also through a life that is fully shared. A marriage is contracted as a result of the consent of the spouses, and this consent needs to be renewed each … [Read more...]

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