Homilies for February 2016


Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time—February 7, 2016 The Apostles: Guided by the Holy Spirit Purpose: In order to hear God’s call and respond, we cannot depend on human insight alone, but must allow ourselves to be guided by the Holy … [Read more...]

Homilies for January 2016


Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God—January 1, 2016 Mary Our Mother Purpose: God’s superabundant love for us invites us into the relationship of adopted sons and daughters; in Mary, we find a true … [Read more...]

Homilies for December 2015


Second Sunday of Advent—December 6, 2015 Readings: http://usccb.org/bible/readings/120615.cfm  Experiencing New Life through Christ’s Coming this Christmas This coming week, Pope Francis will open the holy door at St. Peter’s … [Read more...]

Homilies for November 2015


All Saints Solemnity—November 1, 2014 Readings: http://usccb.org/bible/readings/110115.cfm The Church Honors Her Exemplary Saints Today is the Solemnity of All Saints, the great holy day on which the Church praises God by honoring … [Read more...]

Homilies for October 2015

Homilies for October 2015 artwork

Empowered to love 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B, October 4, 2015 Purpose: God calls us to proclaim the Gospel of Marriage in ways that extend the love God to everyone. Readings: Genesis 2:18-24; Psalm 128:1-2,3,4-5,6; … [Read more...]

Homilies for September 2015


Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year “B”—September 6, 2015 Readings: http://usccb.org/bible/readings/090615.cfm  Ephphatha! “Be opened!” Mark’s Gospel is rather racy in style, if we may call it “style,” for … [Read more...]

Homilies for August 2015


Overview: The Sunday lectionary for August continues what began on the 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time, namely, a brief departure from the Gospel of Mark. The focus shifts to the sixth chapter of St. John's Gospel, beginning with the … [Read more...]

Homilies for July 2015

Homilies for July 2015-Miracle of Loaves and Fishes art

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time—July 5, 2015 The Prophetic Witness Purpose: The prophetic witness was needed in order to call God’s people back to the covenant. We are summoned to receive the prophetic witness and to give this … [Read more...]

Homilies for June 2015

Klee photos 5-30-15

Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi)—June 7, 2015 The Marian Component to the Eucharist Purpose: The connectedness of the Blessed Mother Mary to her divine Son was seen throughout their earthly lives. … [Read more...]

Homilies for May 2015

Endres photos 4-25-15

Fifth Sunday of Easter—May 3, 2015 Our Utter Dependence on God Purpose: Self-reliance is not a Christian virtue; instead, the Gospel teaches us reliance on God. It is in the midst of our failures and brokenness that we come to know … [Read more...]

Homilies for April 2015

April 2015 Homilies artwork-Christ and the Good Thief

Overall Theme for the April Homilies: People’s desire for mystery. It is when we place our lives inside of a mystery that they take on new depths of meaning, purpose, and direction. Let’s show people how the Paschal Mystery of the … [Read more...]

Homilies for March 2015

"The Transfiguration", by Giulio Romano.

Second Sunday of Lent—March 1, 2015 The Transfiguration Purpose: This Sunday’s readings focus on the idea of sacrifice. Abraham offers the greatest sacrifice of thanksgiving possible, his only son Isaac. This sacrifice prefigures … [Read more...]

Homilies for February 2015

Scolaro photos 1-26-15

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time—February 1, 2015 True Authority Purpose: In a world which struggles with authority, as people of faith, we know that Christ is the true model of authority. Calling for us to have faith in him, he … [Read more...]

Homilies for January 2015

The Birth of Christ, by Carl Heinrich Bloch (1834-1890).

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God—January 1, 2015 Entrusting Our Lives and This New Year to Mary Purpose: On this eighth day of the birth of the Savior, let us renew our baptismal covenant with Jesus Christ, in his Church, through … [Read more...]

Homilies for December 2014

The Preaching of St. John the Baptist, by Alessandro Allori (1601-03).

Second Sunday of Advent—December 7, 2014 Make His Path Straight Purpose: Advent is a time to prepare for Christmas. As St. John the Baptist gave a compelling witness to Christ by word and deed, so to the Christian is called to do … [Read more...]

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