Glenn B. Siniscalchi

About Glenn B. Siniscalchi

Glenn B. Siniscalchi is currently a PhD student in systematic theology at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is also serving as an adjunct instructor at St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia. He has numerous articles and book reviews published in academic journals, and has presented papers at national and regional conferences in theology and philosophy. Glenn also serves as associate editor of American Theological Inquiry: A Bi-annual Journal of Theology, Culture, and History. He can be contacted at

The Pastor as Apologist

If Christians truly believe that Jesus is Lord, then they will make the attempt to win converts for him in every way that is humanly possible, not just in ways that exclude verbal persuasion. Arguments can, and must, be given for … [Read more...]

Christ’s Resurrection and Theological Relevance

No single dimension of the Resurrection provides a comprehensive understanding but different ways the central mystery of our faith is related to Catholic discipleship and common theological understandings.  The Resurrection of Christ by … [Read more...]