Paul Fahey

About Paul Fahey

Paul Fahey lives in Fowler, MI with his wife and four kids and works at his local parish as the Director of Religious Education. He is a retreat leader, a Catholic speaker, as well as a contributor and co-founder of You can contact him through his website,

The Sweetness of the Yoke of Christ

Hope for those struggling to live out the teaching of Humanae Vitae

My wife, Kristina, and I were married just weeks after our twenty-second birthdays. We were still in our final year of college, young, naive — and in love. Our Catholic faith was always a central part of our lives and our relationship. We t … [Read more...]

I Will Give You a New Heart

It was not until after I finished my undergraduate degree in theology that I was explicitly introduced to the idea of theosis, the doctrine of God making men sharers in his divine life. Based on my personal experience, as well as my … [Read more...]