“Ressourcement,” “Aggiornamento,” and Vatican II in Ecumenical Perspective

Echeverria photos 7-24-14

(S)ome interpreters of Vatican II took renewal to be merely a matter of the Church’s adaptation or accommodation to the standards of the modern world ... they took aggiornamento as an “isolated motive for renewal” ... simply adapting … [Read more...]

Looking Back at “Humani Generis”

Van Hove photos 12-23-13

The 1950 encyclical Humani Generis, “Concerning Some False Opinions Threatening to Undermine the Foundations of Catholic Doctrine,” should be understood in the context of the pontifical effort to reform Catholic intellectual … [Read more...]

Papal Infallibility: A Symbolic, Yet Problematic, Term

Keys of the kingdom 2

Although papal infallibility is commonly found in popular conversation, how well the term is understood is another matter. "Christ giving Peter the keys of the kingdom" by Pietro Perugino As Danny Garland, Jr., pointed out in his … [Read more...]

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