Face-to-Face or Facing East

The debate about the position of the priest at Mass, whether facing the people or facing ad orientem (east) is not going to go away. The essence of the Mass is that it is a sacramental sacrifice directed to the heavenly Father through … [Read more...]

The Disintegration of the Primitive Rite

A reprint of a 1965 edition first published in London, this work is sub-titled “A Study in the Disintegration of the Primitive Rite of Initiation.” This primitive rite integrated baptism, confirmation, and Eucharist into one ritual as … [Read more...]

The Debate about Liturgy Continues

Debates continue about the present state of the liturgy in the Catholic Church and its future. Denis Crouan is President of Pro Liturgia, an organization interested in an authentic reform of the liturgy based upon the documents of the … [Read more...]

A Feast of High Theology

This is truly a remarkable little book. In 113 modest-sized pages of text, the German Thomist David Berger offers us a feast of high theology, meditative reflection, and sharp critique. How many books offer a readable summary of St. … [Read more...]

The Mass is Serious Business

As a Catholic priest and pastor, a great source of sadness for me is the large number of Catholics who do not attend Sunday Mass as they ought. These are not just “fallen-away” Catholics, but even more those who attend Mass on an … [Read more...]

Contemporary Music in Church?

Do not model your behavior on the contemporary world, but let the renewing of your minds transform you, so that you may discern for yourselves what is the will of God—what is good and acceptable and mature. (Romans 12:2)[1. As rendered in … [Read more...]

The Mystery of Faith

The text of the Roman Missal at the consecration of the wine refers to it as “the Mystery of Faith” (Myssterium Fidei). It is a mystery of faith because wonderful, miraculous things take place during the celebration that have eternal … [Read more...]

Our Passover Eucharist

Our Lord did not give his Eucharist to the disciples in a lonely place one day during their Galilean wanderings, as he delivered many of his other teachings. He did not speak about it in the Temple court, or in his sermon on the mount. He … [Read more...]

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