Does Morality Inhibit Freedom?


St. Thomas Aquinas gave primacy to the natural reason as formative in our free choices—the use of reason ordered to truth, and the will ordered to the good, uniting to make a choice. “Jesus didn’t come to give us a bunch of … [Read more...]

Zeal for God’s House: An architect’s reflections on Sacred Space


Something vital has been lost in Catholic church architecture, obscuring any indication that God is truly present there. “Zeal for your house consumes me.” (Jn 2:15) The sun was setting over the vast Valley of Mexico as I climbed up … [Read more...]

Scripture Is a Unique Word

Bible open to Psalms. Image credit: Marcos Santos, Brazil (marcos_bh, stock.xchng).

This Word of God continues the creativity of our Creator. There is a tendency to reflect on Scripture as if it is “just” another word in the marketplace: one word among many, competing, like each one does, for our limited attention; … [Read more...]

The Catholic Faith Is Not a Noble Lie

Catholicism Is Not a Noble Lie

What is needed is a real debate on religious questions providing a rational public apologetic for the faith. For we were not following fictitious tales when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we had … [Read more...]

Cross, Altar and the Right Way of Praying

Priests at the altar

Recalling the rituals and rubrics of the past which retain their meaning today. In the Vatican, and in the pontifical basilicas of Rome (formerly called “patriarchal basilicas”), a ruling has recently been made that a standing cross … [Read more...]

Education as Transformation


The natural inclination to know rightly, and live nobly, is concept that was articulated by St. Thomas Aquinas, called connaturality. Education in the Church takes many diverse forms: preaching, marriage preparation, catechizing our … [Read more...]

The Ignorance of Christ?


“When did Jesus know that he was God?” We are not surprised when children and adults in our parishes, who have a healthy curiosity about their faith, ask this question. It is a good question that grows out of a desire to get to know … [Read more...]

What is Moral Conscience?

Man Walking Thinking

Refuting four mistaken ideas about conscience in light of the natural law tradition. My experience as a teacher, counselor and confessor has repeatedly confirmed that there is a tremendous amount of confusion, especially among Catholics, … [Read more...]

Confronting the Claim of Eastern Orthodoxy to be the True Church

Understanding the conflicting claims of Catholicism versus Eastern Orthodoxy Among the lapsed from the Catholic Church in the turbulent post-conciliar period are those Catholics who became so disenchanted with the liturgical disarray and … [Read more...]

Seeing man from the eyes of Christ

Jesus Christ, God and Man, is the center and heart of our Catholic faith.   In the Creed, we express our belief in certain events of his life and in certain truths concerning him: that he is the only Son of the Father, God from God, … [Read more...]

Moral Theology after Humanae Vitae

There are basically two explanations for the tepid reception of Humanae Vitae. We can blame either the Church who gave it birth, or the culture into which it was born. Twomey points his finger at the latter. He explains that the rejection … [Read more...]

Women, Sex, and the Church

In a culture that often views the Catholic Church as patriarchal and misogynistic, Women, Sex, and the Church, edited by Erika Bachiochi, offers a “practical, pro-woman defense” of many of the Church’s most controversial … [Read more...]

The Martyred Inquisitor

This book is an historical biography of the life of St. Peter Martyr, the first Dominican to be canonized.  The author is an assistant professor of ancient and medieval history at Jacksonville State University in Anniston, Alabama.  The … [Read more...]

On the Promises of God to Mankind

“People of faith tend to have children; those who are persuaded of the randomness of existence tend not to.” — David Goldman, It’s Not the End of the World; It’s Just the End of You, 2011.[1. David Goldman, It’s Not the End of … [Read more...]

Scripture’s Seamless Garment and the Foundational Life Issue

The “seamless garment argument” versus the Biblical seamless garment, and how this ties into the primacy of a defense for the unborn In 1984, Cardinal Joseph Bernardin gave a talk which was meant to be supportive of a “consistent … [Read more...]

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