Kevin M. Clarke

About Kevin M. Clarke

Kevin Clarke, a PhD Candidate at Ave Maria University, is studying biblical theology and plans to write his dissertation on Maximus the Confessor’s Christological exegesis. He has edited and introduced a book for CUA Press on the Fathers of the Church and the capital vices, which will be published before Lent 2018. He taught Biblical Greek at John Paul Catholic University and high school in Southern California after getting his master’s in theology at Franciscan University.

The Prayer of Jesus in Gethsemane in the Monothelite Controversy

In this article, originally published in French in the Actes du Symposium sur Maxime le Confesseur (1982), François-Marie Léthel shows how the prayer of Jesus in Gethsemane factored into the monothelite controversy. Léthel first focuses on … [Read more...]

“Blessed is She Who Believed”—The Mother of God as a Model of Faith

“By faith, Mary accepted the Angel’s word and believed the message that she was to become the Mother of God in the obedience of her devotion…”—Porta Fidei, §13 "Annunciation"-by Leonardo DaVinci In promulgating Porta Fidei in the Year … [Read more...]