About Fr. John McDermott, S.J.

Fr. John Michael McDermott, S.J., born in the Bronx and ordained a priest
in 1971, completed his studies at Fordham College (A.B., 1967), Hochschule
Sankt Georgen, Frankfurt (S.T.L., 1972), and the Pontifical Gregorian University,
Rome (S.T.D., 1976). He subsequently taught at Fordham University
(1976-87), the Pontifical Gregorian University (1987-99), and the Josephinum
(1999-2006), before arriving at Sacred Heart Major Seminary. His main
interests are in Christology, the Trinity, theological method, Vatican II, the
Gospel according to Mark, and the problem of suffering. Since 2003, he has
served as a member of the International Theological Commission, and since
2008, as a consultant to the USCCB Committee on Doctrine.

The Family: Expanded Sacrament


It has become a trite truism to say that the traditional family is under attack. The sources of the onslaught may be traced back at least to the 19th century’s exaltation of Romantic infatuation and its accompanying insistence that the … [Read more...]

What Does Authority Have to Do with Religion?

McDermott photos 2-19-15

“Authority” is generally used as a derogatory term in our world. Nazism gave the word a bad name as German officials, one after another, at the Nuremburg war trials sought to excuse themselves by claiming that they were just obeying a … [Read more...]

Why Study Latin and Greek?

Slide: academy Plato

Studying Greece and Rome both reveals the basis of Western culture, while providing the study of a culture’s internal coherence. I always suspected a massive plot behind the sudden demise of classical languages in Catholic schools and … [Read more...]

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