About Fr. Dylan Schrader

Father Dylan Schrader is a priest of the Diocese of Jefferson City, Missouri. He currently serves as parochial vicar of the Cathedral of St. Joseph in Jefferson City.

What Is the Right to Religious Freedom?

Right to religious freedom collage

The most fundamental right in the area of religion is that which should be attributed to God, what we owe to God. God is absolutely sovereign.   Catholics of the United States are more than ever asserting a right to religious freedom, … [Read more...]

The HHS Mandate: Is it a Religious Liberty Issue?


Some Catholics (and others) have couched their objection to the recent HHS mandate in terms of religious liberty. Their focus has been on the unreasonably narrow definition of what constitutes a religious organization, and on the lack of a … [Read more...]


Pentecost by Jean Restout II

For Sunday Liturgies and Feasts Your Relationship with Christ is the only True Religion Purpose: The only true religion is a relationship with Jesus Christ.  The whole of our Christian faith is contained here: the love of  God and the … [Read more...]

The Ignorance of Christ?


“When did Jesus know that he was God?” We are not surprised when children and adults in our parishes, who have a healthy curiosity about their faith, ask this question. It is a good question that grows out of a desire to get to know … [Read more...]

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