About Fr. Gabriel de Chadarévian, OP

Father Gabriel de Chadarévian, OP is a Dominican Friar from Canada. Stationed since 2006 in Vancouver and living in community, he is the assistant parish priest at St. Mary’s, was involved in university chaplaincy and taught patristics in Ottawa at the Dominican University College of Philosophy and Theology.

Homilies for January 2015

The Birth of Christ, by Carl Heinrich Bloch (1834-1890).

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God—January 1, 2015 Entrusting Our Lives and This New Year to Mary Purpose: On this eighth day of the birth of the Savior, let us renew our baptismal covenant with Jesus Christ, in his Church, through … [Read more...]

The Renewal of Preaching in the Liturgical Homily for the New Evangelization

Renewal of Preaching collage

My purpose here is not to detail the content of a good homily, but to delineate the focus and attitudes of heart and mind of the homilist himself. Outstanding Dominican preachers: Blessed Jordan of Saxony, St. Dominic, St. Vincent … [Read more...]

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