About Carolyn Humphreys, OCDS

Carolyn Humphreys, OCDS, is the author of “From Ash to Fire: A Contemporary Journey through the Interior Castle of Teresa of Avila”; “Carmel: Land of the Soul”; and “Mystics in the Making: Lay Women in Today’s Church,” which was published in 2012, to help Catholic women and men find moral strength and confidence through living the teachings of Christ and his Church.

The Beauty of Chastity Today

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Chastity is a costly pearl that must be guarded well. Well-lived chastity is a habitual disposition of the heart and mind that makes a person gracious and approachable. The transparent beauty of chastity sees life through a lens of … [Read more...]

Prayer as Turning Point Toward Christ

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The good news is that even though we sin, God loves us and wants us to return to him. With God’s grace, bad habits can be unlearned. Ecclesia semper reformanda: The Church forever in need of reform. Because we are the Church, we are … [Read more...]

Prayer as the Wellspring for Positive Transformation

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As long as we are faithful to prayer, we maintain a clarity of vision that promotes higher ideals and elevated standards of conduct.  ... The more we pray, the more its fruits nourish our daily lives. John Chrysostom once wrote: … [Read more...]

Prayer as the Channel of Celestial Joy

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We can accept, rather than trying to avoid, pain and trials in a spirit allowing us to offer this rarely-appreciated human gift back to God.  This is the cause of St. Francis of Assisi's perfect joy. St. Francis of Assisi by Jusepe de … [Read more...]

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